Analytics Options

There are a few visualization and accounting options that you can control.


The default style is to show a logotype (technically an isotype), with brown background and white symbols. To use it, simply add the following HTML snippet to your site:

The "unsafe-url" referrer policy is there to make sure that the browser sends the whole referrer to LibreCounter, so it can do its thing and attribute the page correctly.

Color and Style

To match your site better you can choose from a variety of colors, all within the Egyptian theme: brown, orange, yellow and sometimes white. You can also pick your favorite style.

solid (default):




To add to your site just pick style and color and join them with a dash: [style]-[color].svg, and use this instead of counter.svg. E.g. outline-orange.svg will give you an outline in orange:

Old Style Counter

This style is an homage to old-time counters, but with LibreCounter stats.

Watch the counter grow every time you reload the page!

To use it, simply add the following HTML snippet to your site:

Unique Visitors

If you want to count unique visitors to your website instead of page views, just add unique.svg to your site instead of counter.svg:

This makes LibreCounter send the header cache-control: max-age=1800, private, so that the image is cached in your browser across multiple page views, for half an hour.

Hidden Counter

If you prefer your stats to be hidden the HTML snippet to add is even simpler:

Keep in mind that your stats may still appear in the list of top sites on the home page.

Bring Your Own Style

If you would like to have a custom style for your site, why not create it yourself? Pull requests are welcome!